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A Good, Clean Brand for Safe, Clean Hands

Every year, nearly 2 million hospital patients contract a healthcare-associated infection (HAI). HAIs cost the healthcare system over $28 billion; they're also a leading cause of preventable deaths. 

The culprit? Poor hand hygiene. 

SwipeSense offers a simple solution for keeping hands clean and pathogen-free. By pairing smart sensors and real-time data with point-of-care antibacterial dispensers, SwipeSense seamlessly builds better hand hygiene into the healthcare workflow. 


Health + Wellness


SwipeSense Logo & Gradient Pattern
SwipeSense Embossed Logo Detail


The SwipeSense brand inspires trust and willing engagement. Using clean, stenciled forms and basic shapes, the logo quickly and quietly conveys simplicity and function. We searched for the just-right shade of white—fresh, not sterile—and paired it with a structured gradient of calming blues. The stationery is comforting by design, printed on matte, soft-finish paper and featuring an embossed logo for a highly tactile and pleasing feel.

Minimalist, modern and unobtrusive, the logo sets the tone for the entire brand.

SwipeSense Business Cards
SwipeSense Stationery System
SwipeSense Notecard Detail
SwipeSense Business Card System
SwipeSense Embossed Notecards with Gradient


Everything has its place in the SwipeSense system. Each piece connects to all others through smart technology. We kept this top of mind when building a meticulous product box from foam, book board and acrylic. We adapted brand elements as appropriate; for instance, the logo is engraved rather than embossed, and the accent gradient provides a subtle cue for opening the box.

SwipeSense Engraved Product Box
SwipeSense Product Box Gradient
SwipeSense Product Box Packaging

Icons, Analytics & Marketing Materials

The logo's geometry reappears in a set of icons, a streamlined and intuitive visual language embedded throughout a new brochure, website and real-time data interface. Layouts feature discrete, digestible chunks of information, for quick reading and comprehension. Taken together, these pieces give the audience an immediate sense of the impact, ingenuity and simplicity of the SwipeSense solution.

SwipeSense Custom Icons
SwipeSense System Diagram
SwipeSense Desktop Web
SwipeSense Full Website
SwipeSense Brochure
SwipeSense Brochure Detail
SwipeSense Brochure Inside

Hospitals that have adopted SwipeSense have seen dramatic improvements in health and hygiene.

  • 64%

    Improvement in hand hygiene

  • 192%

    Increase in compliance

  • 49%

    Reduction in infections